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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! April 14th – 20th // 2014!

    Posted by Murad on April 21, 2014

    tire-swing-co-cover* – Denotes Canadian Content
    1 TIRE SWING CO.* – Inamorata (Famous Last)
    2 THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Inner Fire (Strut)
    3 MAC DEMARCO* – Salad Days (Captured Tracks)
    4 WHITEHORSE* – Ephemere Sans Repere (Six Shooter)
    5 VARIOUS* – Psych Pop 2 (Optical Sounds)
    6 PERFECT PUSSY – Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
    7 OLD MAN LUEDECKE* – I Never Sang Before I Met You (True North)
    8 J COLLECTIVE* – Irie (Self-Released)
    9 TIMBER TIMBRE* – Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
    10 ODONIS ODONIS* – Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (Buzz)
    11 LINDY VOPNFJORD* – Young Waverer (Self-Released)
    13 DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – English Ocean (ATO)
    14 SEUN KUTI AND FELA’S EGYPT 80 – A Long Way to the Beginning (Because Music)
    15 EMM GRYNER* – Torrential (Dead Daisy)
    16 COSY FATHER* – Loser Birds (Self-Released)
    17 GORD DOWNIE & THE SADIES* – The Conquering Sun (Weiner Art)
    18 VARIOUS – Native America (Putumayo)
    19 KIM HARRIS* – Only The Mighty (Self-Released)
    20 THE PLANET SMASHERS* – Mixed Messages (Stomp)
    21 MARIACHI GHOST* – Mariachi Ghost (Self-Released)
    22 KALLE MATTSON* – Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold (Parliament Of Trees)
    23 MARCO CASTILLO – Zabele (Brazillian Beats)
    24 KEN ALDCROFT & DAVE CLARK* – Reflections: The Music of Thelonious Monk (Trio)
    25 KALEY BIRD* – Don’t Say You’re Sorry (Box)
    26 SUBTRACTIVELAD* – Wilderness (N5MD)
    27 SALLY SELTMANN – Hey Daydreamer (Arts & Crafts)
    28 TRUST* – Joyland (Arts & Crafts)
    30 THE FOLK* – We All Say (Self-Released)

    More Info? Click HERE!

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! April 7th – 13th // 2014!

    Posted by Murad on April 17, 2014

    white57* – Indicates Canadian Content
    1 WHITEHORSE* – Ephemere Sans Repere (Six Shooter)
    2 VARIOUS* – Psych Pop 2 (Optical Sounds)
    3 RADIO RADIO* – EJ Feel Zoo (Bonsound)
    4 TIMBER TIMBRE* – Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
    5 THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Inner Fire (Strut)
    6 BEND SINISTER* – Animals (File Under: Music (FU:M))
    7 PLAGUE VENDOR – Free To Eat (Epitaph)
    8 TIRE SWING CO.* – Inamorata (Famous Last)
    9 MAC DEMARCO* – Salad Days (Captured Tracks)
    10 COMEBACK KID* – Die Knowing (Distort)
    11 JIM BYRNES* – St.Louis Times (Black Hen)
    12 SABOTA* – Sabota (Hybridity Music)
    13 POOR ANGUS* – Gathering (Fogarty’s Cove Music)
    14 GUIDED BY VOICES – Motivational Jumpsuit (Guided By Voices, Inc. (GBV))
    15 SALLY SELTMANN – Hey Daydreamer (Arts & Crafts)
    16 HARLAN PEPPER* – Take Out a Twenty and Live Life to the Fullest (Six Shooter)
    17 ARIANE MERCURE* – Dusty Diamond (Old Country)
    18 ANITA ECCLESTON TRIO* – So It Goes (Self-Released)
    19 LINDY VOPNFJORD* – Young Waverer (Self-Released)
    20 GORD DOWNIE & THE SADIES* – The Conquering Sun (Weiner Art)
    21 RAFAEL AND ENERGIA DOMINICA* – Enamoranse en la Playa (Self-Released)
    22 FEATHERSHIP – Howl (Self-Released)
    23 LITTERBUG* – Stapler (Monkey Bar)
    24 THE FOLK* – We All Say (Self-Released)
    25 LAB COAST* – Walking On Ayr (Mammoth Cave)
    26 VARIOUS – Native America (Putumayo)
    27 TOKYO POLICE CLUB* – Forcefield (Dine Alone)
    28 EMM GRYNER* – Torrential (Dead Daisy)
    29 DAMAGED BUG – Hubba Bubba (Castleface)
    30 SAINTSENECA – Dark Arc (Anti-)

    More Info? Click HERE!

  • CJAM 99.1 FM Job Posting – Program Director

    Posted by CJAM FM on April 14, 2014

    CJAM 99.1 FM — Student Media/University of Windsor –– is hiring for the position of PROGRAM DIRECTOR. This salaried full-time position is 35 hours a week. It requires a flexible individual who is available for evening and weekend duties.

    CJAM is a nonprofit volunteer-driven campus-based community radio station providing an alternative to the music and spoken-word programming featured in the mainstream media — serving listener communities that are often under represented or maligned.

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Program Director is responsible for all aspects of programming. Working with staff, management, and the Program Committee, the successful applicant will help fulfill CJAM’s mandate of providing the community with quality alternative programming that is in compliance with CJAM/CRTC policy.

    Duties include:

    -Ensuring that CJAM remains on the air at all times, and that what is on the air is properly documented and stored as per CRTC expectations.
    -Exercising and enforcing CJAM/CRTC policy.
    -Keeping the program schedule evolving with spoken word and music programming in accordance with CRTC policy and CJAM’s mandate.
    -Serving as a resource for volunteers regarding matters relating to broadcasting and programming.
    -Ensuring volunteers receive satisfactory training and skill development relating to broadcasting.
    -Reviewing and evaluating programs regularly with staff, management, and the Program Committee.
    -Ensuring that the Program Committee meets at least four times a year and that members are roundly consulted between meetings.
    -Hosting 0.5 to 2 hours of programming weekly.
    -Filling in as a DJ when needed.
    -Ensuring that all programming content is of a high quality and in compliance with CRTC guidelines and CJAM mandate.
    -Building partnerships with groups on campus and within the larger community to foster continuity, quality, and relevance in programming.
    -Assisting in coordination/scheduling of sports broadcasting and special events.
    -Production, rotation/traffic and broadcast and of paid commercials, public service announcements, station IDs, music events/community/arts calendars, etc.
    -Production and review of daily commercial assignments.
    -Coordinating volunteer use of CJAM production studios and equipment.
    -Coordinating production of community events/arts/live music calendars.
    -Regularly updating CJAM’s website with programming news and schedule information.
    -Maintaining dedicated office hours.


    -Excellent interpersonal, communication and listening skills.
    -Demonstrated experience, and knowledge relating to non-commercial music, news, views, and culture.
    -Experience in journalism and new media.
    -Strong organizational and time management skills.
    -Conflict resolution and management skills.
    -Computer and basic radio/audio production skills.
    -Friendly and patient disposition balanced with an ability to enforce policy.
    -Management or Volunteer coordination experience a plus.

    TERMS: 35 hours per week

    SALARY: $20,000-$25,000 to start, depending on experience. Please apply online to statcjam@gmail.com by April 25, 2014. Only qualified applicants selected for interviews by the Hiring Committee will be contacted.

    CJAM is an anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic organization committed to diversity and equity. We strongly encourage applications from all visible and non-visible minorities. Where there is equity in qualifications preference will be given to minority applicants.

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