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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • Russian Opposition Party Leader Interviewed on Windsor Chronicle March 6

    Posted by Brady Holek on March 4, 2015


    Last weekend tens of thousands of people marched through central Moscow to honour the Russian scientist, statesman, and liberal politician, Mr. Boris Nemtsov. Mr. Nemtsov was shot four times in the back on February 27th.

    He planned to lead a Russian opposition march on Sunday against the war in Ukraine but his killing turned the event into a mourning protest.

    The Windsor Chronicle will have an exclusive interview with his comrade, Mr. Sergey Mitrokhin, President of the oldest opposition party in Russia, “The Russian United Democratic Party-Jabloko”.

    How will this unfortunate event impact the Russian political scene?

    Tune in this Friday to find out more. The Windsor Chronicle is your weekly source of alternative news in Windsor-Detroit and around the world.

  • CJAM SINGLES CLUB! : Top 3 February Singles!

    Posted by Murad on

    1. No Hands – Conqourers

    2. Safe Word – Wasted Youth

    3. The Apex – Glass Walls

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! February 23rd – March 1st // 2015!

    Posted by Murad on March 3, 2015

    * – Indicates Canadian Content!

    1 THE WALKERVILLES* – Rebirth Of The Cool (Self-Released)
    2 SUN BELT* – Cabalcor (Self-Released)
    3 JAGA JAZZIST – ’94-’14 (Ninja Tune)
    4 BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (Matador)
    5 REDTENBACHER’S FUNKESTRA – Dr. Hypenstein (Wooden Hat)
    6 THEM COUNTY BASTARDZ* – Sick Daze (Self-Released)
    7 SHRED KELLY* – Sing To The Night (Self-Released)
    8 HEAT* – EP (Self-Released)
    9 DARK ORCHARD* – Blossom (Self-Released)
    11 WHITEHORSE* – Leave No Bridge Unburned (Six Shooter)
    12 BIG DICK* – Disappointment (Dirt Cult)
    13 WESLI* – Immigrand (Wes Urban)
    14 ANTOINE FAFARD* – Ad Perpetuum (Self-Released)
    15 GABRIELLE PAPILLON* – The Tempest Of Old (Self-Released)
    16 VIET CONG* – Viet Cong (Flemish Eye)
    17 WARDELL – Love / Idleness (Self-Released)
    18 MIKKY EKKO – Time (RCA)
    19 CON BRIO – Kiss The Sun (Burning House)
    20 LES SINS – Michael (Record Company)
    21 THE ADVENTURES OF SILVER SPACEMAN – Sun Songs (Capitalist)
    22 KASSE MADY DIABATE – Kirike (Six Degrees)
    23 AND THE KIDS – Turn To Each Other (Signature Sounds)
    24 TERAKAFT – The Tapsit Years (Reaktion)
    25 DIAMOND RUGS – Cosmetics (Thirty Tigers)
    26 QUITAPENAS – Quitapenas (Mas Tropical)
    27 SASKWATCH – Nose Dive (Northside)
    28 JIB KIDDER – Teaspoon To The Ocean (Weird World Record Co.)
    29 SILENT MOVIE TYPE* – Crickets (Self-Released)
    30 TWIN RIVER* – Should the light go out (Light Organ)

    More Info? Click HERE!

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