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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • 5th Annual Joe Strummer Day 2014!

    Posted by Brady Holek on December 18, 2014


    Kicking off at midnight Dec. 22 — the 12th anniversary of Strummer’s death — CJAM will play 24 hours of the former Clash frontman’s music, wrapping it around reports about poverty and homelessness in Windsor Detroit. The day-long broadcast will shed light on the artist’s unfairly ignored songbook, but also his life-long protest (in and out of song) against war, oppression, and poverty. In the process, CJAM will get that world to listen to Windsor-Detroit homeless issues at www.cjam.ca.

    The overnight portions of Joe Strummer Day will largely feature the songbook, with daylight casting a harsh light on one of the most depressed regions in North America – Windsor-Detroit.

    As for the broadcast, the schedule is as follows.

    Midnight to 2 am: Vernon Smith (host of The Great Show of Indifference) launches Joe Strummer Day with rarities from his own, private Clash stash.

    2 to 3 am: Dave Konstantino Presents: The Clash Live at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio, February 13, 1979.

    3 to 5 am: Join Carley Schweitzer and Brady Holek (formerly of The Soundtrack Attack) for an in depth look at Joe Strummer’s influence in the world of cinema.

    5 to 6 am: Cleo SP (host of The Beat Junkie Show) explores the reggae heritage of the Clash and focuses on reggae & dub versions of Clash songs.

    6 to 7 am: Vernon Smith Presents: The Clash Live at the Lochem Festival in Holland, May 20, 1982.

    7 to 7:30 am: Robert Tuomi (host of The Rest of the News) brings you a special edition of the program discussing poverty in the Windsor Detroit area and featuring an interview with Ranking Roger about his new EP that features two covers of Rock the Casbah.

    7:30 to 9 am: Adam D’Andrea (host of The Deadly Synth) will be focusing in on music from later in The Clash’s career (Sandinista, Combat Rock, and Cut the Crap) that utilizes keyboard, synthesizer, and other elements associated with New Wave. The Program will also feature music from Joe Strummer’s solo career that falls into the same category.

    9:00 to 11 am: Brady Holek (host of Intercontinental Breakfast) examines Joe Strummer’s global influences.

    11 am to Noon: CAM Wells (host of Handi-Link) investigates the relationships between poverty and disability in terms of how those who are disadvantaged might not be able to access health services, and how disabilities get worse as a result of poverty factors such as malnutrition. This broadcast will also include an interview with the Mayor of Sarnia, who began an initiative concerning disability gainful employment.

    Noon to 2 pm: DJ ME (host of Productive Confusion) will be presenting an overview of Joe Strummer Day, discussing what you have heard and what is yet to come, along with some great tracks from Joe Strummer and the Clash.

    2 to 2:30 pm: Join our Station Manager Vernon Smith and his guests Dr. Jamie Crawley (who deals with poverty and homelessness issues from a health perspective at the University of Windsor) and Liz Atkinson (chair of the Health Committee on Homelessness Windsor) for a discussion about poverty issues in Windsor and Detroit.

    2:30 to 3 pm: Join Zoran Kljajic (host of The Windsor Chronicle and Serbia Sunday) for some in depth interviews with local citizens who have been struggling in the Windsor-Detroit area.

    3 to 4 pm: Kenny Getty (one half of The Trip!) will be creating a timeline of Joe Strummer’s musical career with music and short excerpts read from the Chris Salewicz biography of Strummer.

    4 to 5 pm: Graeme Sylvestre and Brady Holek discuss the state of poverty in Windsor-Essex. The recent municipal elections brought to light some alarming statistics:
    38,000: Total number of people living in poverty (2006)
    16,000: Number of children and youth living in poverty (2006)
    Almost 1 in 5: Number of tenants who are spending more than 50% of their income on rent (2006)

    5 to 7 pm: Join Mr. T. (host of Positive Amplitude) for music from and inspired by Joe Strummer and the Clash along with some amazing interviews! Mr. T will be speaking with Linda Garrison, Public Relations (Matrix Human Services), Esther Chae (Street Medicine Detroit VP) and Tony McClafferty (Street Medicine Detroit Communications Director), Dean Carpenter (Street Medicine Detroit Lead Clinical Preceptor and NSO Nurse Practitioner), and Justin Petrusak (Street Medicine Detroit NSO Clinical Supervisor)

    7 to 8 pm: Join Ian Clough and Andrew Nellis (Hosts of All in a Day’s Work) for a discussion of the modern relevance of music in activism/the labour movement.

    8 to 10 pm: Carley Schweitzer (host of Everything’s No Good) looks at artists so influenced by Joe Strummer that they dared to cover him.

    10 pm to Midnight: Dave Konstantino (host of Revolution Rock and multi-instrumentalist of The Hypnotics) unearths rarefied live Clash and Strummer recordings – amazing takes from the library of CJAM’s chief garage archeologist.

  • Windsor Chronicle is Live at Noon on December 19

    Posted by Brady Holek on

    IOM photo

    The Windsor Chronicle will have an interview live from Belgrade. Maja Todorovic, playwright and screenwriter, PR Movement for the “Occupation cinema” will discuss what it looks like when the young take matters into their own hands. The movement “Occupy cinema” from Belgrade has breathed new life into abandoned and dilapidated movie theaters in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

    On International Migrants Day 2014, December 18th, IOM Director General William Lacy Swing called for urgent action to save the lives of migrants and stop smugglers from exploiting their desperation to extort huge sums of money. IOM data shows that the number of migrants dying on dangerous journeys in the hope of finding better lives for themselves and their families, is rising. Some 5,000 migrants (4,868) lost their lives this year at sea or in remote deserts or mountains. This makes 2014 the deadliest year on record, with double the number of last year’s deaths.

    Join The Windsor Chronicle this Friday and IOM “live” from Geneva, Switzerland

  • 38th Annual Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Dec. 18 on The Judy Adams Program

    Posted by Brady Holek on December 16, 2014

    Jimi Hendrix

    These popular “tributes” started way back in 1977 while Adams was at WDET-FM with her ground-breaking music show “Morphogensis”. Thursday’s tribute will include a mix of favorites and rarely heard recordings. The University of Windsor station, CJAM-FM, has recently boosted it power by 400% allowing more Detroit/Windsor area listeners to pick up the station with its non-commercial, music and community driven format. Podcasts of Judy’s weekly program, which airs each Thursday at 1pm, are available for download for 30 days at CJAM.ca. Adams has been with CJAM since 2006. Listeners can also listen online at CJAM.ca.

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  • Joe Strummer Day continues! Tune in at 4 PM for a discussion the state of poverty in Windsor-Essex.

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